We recommend designing your website consistent along with identity logo design and business card designs

We create custom solutions for the needs of a customer, priced with a fixed upfront fee

Designing a website to match your logo and business cards

Our design style is modern and memorable for your customers – recognisable as a single style.

Selection of our logo design works


We plan and design your logo accordingly to the brand identity. Your logo will be provided in formats suitable for both - online and merchants.


Business Card

A high-quality laminated double-sided business card with strong material, including 100 pieces of ready to use printed business cards postal delivered.

8.5×5.5cm, 9.0×5.0cm or 6.5×6.5cm

Roll-up Stand

The roll-up stand is instantly ready for use and courier delivered in a decent carrying case. Very high-quality material and durable for an extended period.

85x200cm or 100x200cm

Business Card case Cigar Weekend

Cigar Weekend is a great society of cigar lovers with good friends and new opportunities.