Our workflow is clearly understandable - evolved in co-operation with customers for the best of both parties

Flawless work process

Productive and worry-free work begins and continues with the right work process. Our workflow is designed to work seamlessly, and it is built together with more than 2000 website clients together finding solutions. By choosing us as a partner for your website, you can be sure that we can value the customer’s time and use the resource efficiently.


Customer needs assessment and initial vision of the project

We will analyse the condition of the client’s website and discuss ways to improve or create it.

Quote Offer

Our offer is free of charge and does not oblige the contract

We deliver a competitive bid according to the original vision plan, and our offer is clearly described.

Design Creation

We create the opening and internal pages designs for approval

We require a deposit of 50% to start the design. In case of lack of design satisfaction, we will refund the amount.

Development Work

Content Management System integration and technical creative work

We require a deposit of 25% start on technical work. We will create the rest of the website in full completion.

Content Placement

We will place and design the content of the website

We extensively take into account the client’s content when creating design structures of the pages.

Live Publishing

Customer approved website published on a live domain

To make it public, we require a remaining deposit of 25% and advise how to use Content Management System.